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We use a custom–built software application to help us define and manage cash flows. The software is a fundamental part of our process.
We have given a lot of thought to the needs of our clients and the functions a tool should offer. Years back we started with spreadsheets, but quickly found they did not offer the control or flexibility we needed. So we invested heavily and commissioned a purpose-built tool constructed on a commercial database platform.

The tool allows us to easily model any financial arrangements and simulate the behaviour of the model into the future. Results are presented in a comprehensive set of reports and graphs.

The simulation tool is very powerful. We can run a cash flow simulation for any date range, be it a month or a decade. Best of all it's fast – so we can work with you to experiment with different scenarios and the software provides immediate feedback.

Simulations are performed on a day-by-day basis, meaning that a simulation of one year will have a cash flow position calculated for each of the 365 days in that year.

We have built some cool features into the tool to make the simulations more realistic. For example, we can configure a cash flow item to simulate on one timeframe, but then be aggregated at the end of a different period - say on the last day of every month. This is very useful for managing credit card expenditures, which might occur weekly, but which are registered on the cash flow report as being paid off on the last day of the month.

There is little point to a plan that is never executed. So to help our clients, we added the capability to record, or import, their actual expense and revenue data and compare that to the forecast cash flow. With our regular clients we do this monthly, and it really helps them stay on target.

We continue to invest in the tool. Our most recent addition allowed us to easily model variable cash flows. Both the value and the timing of a cash flow item can be randomised. For example, suppose a business records a revenue of between $10,000 and $30,000 each weekend, but the owners cannot predict in advance what the business will earn in any week. Its not good enough to take an average, because the business might have a run of bad weeks.

The same challenges occurs when seeking payment: for example, a business may be confident they are going to be paid an invoice, but are not sure if that payment will occur in 14 days or 40 days, or any day in between! It makes a big difference to the health of your finances. Our tool makes it easy to model this variability so we can identify best, average and worst cases over any simulation timeframe. These insights really give you complete control of your future financials.
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Key software features:

  • Master data set up, such as a client-specific chart of accounts and other client specific data that is attached to a cash flow item. Example
  • Cash flow item configuration, such as its name, description, comprehensive timing options and all the attributes that are used in the simulation. Example
  • Cash flow item management, because cash flow items are time-specific, so we’ve built the capability to keep the items up-to-date as we work with you over the months and years. Example
  • Model revenue and expense variability using randomised processes. Known in the trade as Monte Carlo simulations, these are used to identify the best, average and worst-case outcomes. Example
  • Customise any simulation run, eg. by selecting the set of cash flow items to include, the start and end dates, and the starting balance. Example
  • Create custom calendars that can be attached to any cash flow item to identify when that item should be exluded from the simulation. Example
  • Comprehensive reporting, with easily readable reports and graphs. Example
  • Reporting on forecast plan to actuals. Simply essential to help meet your goals. Example
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It’s hard to consistently stay on top of your financials on your own. Cashflow Angels can offer you our ongoing support and we can tailor it to suit you. Think of us as a personal trainer for your money.
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